Children’s network to go mobile

May 21st, 2012 | by Roy Bendy | No Comments

Moshi Monsters is a social network designed for children to provide them with a place to interact online safely with their friends along with providing fun and educational use, and due to this being so popular its designers are developing a mobile version to be used on smart phones and tablets according to a new report.

Chief executive of their parent company Mind Candy, has said that they are forever being asked by children for a version of the youngsters social networking site to be used whilst mobile.

Moshi Monsters reportedly has over 60 million registered users and having this available on smart phones or tablets can surely only increase their usage.

Many people are now using their mobile phone to look things up, shop or download so having an App for your company allows you to extend your business to your customers and general consumers whilst they are on the go which in turn can boost your sales and enquiries.

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