New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has arrived!

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With the recent Apple event on Tuesday 9th September 2014 comes the new of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The unveiling of these new Apple devices was one of the most hyped and look-forward to events of the year for tech-savy fans around the world. Causing Apple’s Live stream of the event to have issues.

Pre-orders for these phones starts today (Friday 12th September 2014) which has caused a wide-spread downtime on popular mobile phone websites like EE & O2 with people bombarding the websites to try and pre-order the phone(s) before they run out. – Do they not learn from previous years’ to improve their servers to handle this kind of bombardment with traffic? Maybe they should of spoken to us here at Viseble on how to improve their hosting space to handle large amounts of traffic.

Too big, or too small? – Viewport on websites

More importantly with a company and brand as such as Apple, how much of an effect will this be on companies, designers and developers like ourselves with the release of two phones that come in various screen sizes. Let’s face it, Apple has been behind in leading the hardware war with it’s rivals like Samsung, but it’s software is what keeps everyone coming back for more. Online digital marketing companies like ourselves need to now think of how their websites, web apps and other platforms will look like on these devices, will we need to add extra coding to support the screen size(s) that differ so much? Viewport  on devices plays such a massive role nowadays as that first impression to catch your visitors attention could be the deal breaker whether you get the sale or not.

Just to prove how much the viewport affects people, there is a current viral going around from Coral aimed towards  Manchester United fans saying they should get the iPhone 6 Plus as the large screen allows for them to see their team in the ‘top-half of the table’ on the Premier League Website. See below for the image. (League table correct as of 12/09/2014)

manchester united league table iphone 6 plus

(Sorry United fans! – I’m sure you’ll be back up the top by the end of the season!)

Faster speeds demands better quality images

I think 4G has come at the right time, these smart phones with retina HD screens and resolutions boasting high-definition demands bandwidth and high resolution imagery. This helps us designers out a little bit with being conservative with how much we scale down quality to serve content quicker to mobile devices. – but lets not forget we still need to look after our 3G friends.

As we have many e-commerce clients and clients who rely on their websites for sales of services it’s important we cater for these new phones and older models. Using new media queries with the likes of CSS and jQuery will help us stay on top of these matters and keep our clients happy and users happy most of all. The demand for shopping online using mobile phones is on the increase, with stats like 32% of UK consumers shop online with their smartphone that’s a large percentage of pie that you could be earning on top of your current sales figures if your website isn’t mobile friendly.

If your websites’ design hasn’t been updated in recent years we urge you to re-think your marketing strategy. Think of the potential loss of sales you might be experiencing that you don’t even realise. If you haven’t got Google Analytics set up yet either this is a mistake as you should know, you can see how many of your users are trying to view your website using a mobile device. If you need help with mobile website design or thinking of updating the look of your website then speak to us here at Viseble SEO.

We can help from design, development, hosting to analytics & PPC.  Don’t lose potential new customers and potential new sales. Investing in a new website today will ensure you are prepared for the future and your company’s stability online.



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