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Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the name given to the method of helping a website perform well in search engine listings.

For many this may seem like a black art and there have been many articles and forum discussions on the subject with varying views. At Viseble, we like to keep things straight forward and simple. Our results speak volumes about the work that we do. There are many so called experts in the industry and although there are some very reputable companies providing this valuable service, sadly quality of services can vary dramatically.  The difficulty for any website owner, as with selecting any professional services supplier, is how to tell the difference between a first rate search engine optimisation services provider and the rest? Many companies offer some form of search engine optimisation service, very few have it as their main focus and revenue stream.

The first question anyone looking at having their site optimised should ask is this: “Can I see some examples of your work?”. Most companies challenged on this point will be able to show you examples of well ranked key terms, but beware.  They may well be showing you a term that has little or no traffic and therefore is not sought after and can be ranked relatively easily.  What you want to see is evidence of success with very hard terms, the big ones that produce all the visitors and traffic (and cost most to buy via pay per click). One key place to look is on Google.  Search for “big” terms that you feel would bring in lots of relevant searches.  Take for example “xmas gifts”. At the time of writing, this term shows that there are 28,700,000 pages in the results and that a company called A1Gifts ranks for the 1st position.  What does this say about the company that does the SEO for A1Gifts? Also, look at the Google paid listings to see who is paying to be on page 1 because they can’t achieve the natural result. These paid for listings are known as PPC or adwords advertising and work on the principle that you appear all the time you’re paying. The problem with this method of advertising is that it can be extremely costly to do and if you stop paying, you stop appearing! Another drawback of PPC is that net savvy searchers know that these paid for listings are essentially adverts and it is thought that that over 80 per cent of the traffic goes to the natural results where searchers believe the best answer to their search will be found.  This is where Viseble can help.

Viseble knows how to make a website become popular in the search engine results. Two main things need to be performed and when done properly can produce stunning results. These are onpage optimisation and off page optimisation and are split into two very clearly defined strategies.

If you’d like us to take a look into your website to see what can be achieved then we would love to hear from you. Since 2001 we have helped businesses discover that search engine optimisation works for them, whether they are selling services or products, to trade or direct to the public.  Why not let us show you what the potential is for your business and website through search engine optimisation.  For an informal chat or to take us up on our free site survey please do contact us and you to could be enjoying results experienced by all of our valued customers including A1Gifts. Remember, the proof of the service is in the results.

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