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SEO Midlands

SEO Midlands: Natural Listings versus Pay-for-Click

SEO Midlands is a targeted keyword for all search engine optimisation companies who are based in the Midlands and surrounding counties.  The search term “SEO Midlands” generates over 1,500 requests each month, Google currently charges £2.93 per click and this cost will continue to rise.  Investing in pay-per-click services can ensure that your business is on page 1 of Google immediately but since we cannot predict how many people will click on your link to SEO Midlands for any given month, the amount you are paying will vary.  Through Google Analytics a cap could be set which would prevent further spending over and above the threshold you set for SEO Midlands but this would be at the expense of potential new customers.  When you have reached your designated cap, Google drops your advert and your business will no longer appear under the adverts sections.

Investing in Natural Listings would over time get your keyword SEO Midlands onto page 1 of Google.  In order for this term to progress through the natural ranking, both on-page and off-page optimisation strategies need to be in place.  On-page refers to the content of your website; Off-page refers to the work that is done to improve your online presence for example, reputable back links to your site.  Once your keyword has climbed onto page 1 of Google it will then be retained at the same fixed rate each month.  Businesses are able to control their advertising costs without losing customers.

In the short term, pay-for-click advertising would benefit your business.

In the mid to long term, natural listings will continue to grow your business.

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